Burn the Map

...and the atlas and the guide book and the GPS and everything else that thinks it knows where you're going. 'Cause I'll tell you a secret, friend: They don't have a clue.

Welcome, traveler!  Is it a new world you're looking for, or perhaps a very old one?  Either way, your journey begins as soon as you click one of the links to the left (or up above, if you're inclined to the mobile devices).  Think of them as portals to other times and places... I mean, you could think of them as simple navigation buttons, but if you're going to do that, there are zillions of websites you could visit.  But you didn't.  You came here.  So saddle up, suit up, buckle up...  Grab your blaster, your sword, your spellbook...  Basically do whatever it takes to feel ready for adventure and dive into stories where no explorer or mapmaker has dared set foot.  Oh, and I almost forgot...  Where you're going, you might as well burn the map. 

News Galore

Yes, it has been quiet around the website again, but the good news is that I have been up to my ears in writing projects all the same.

The biggest project in the works is a full-length conclusion to "Identity" and Community, which is tentatively slated to be published in January.  Keep your eyes here for announcements on title, cover art, and sneak peaks.

Also in process is a collaborative sci-fi novel I am working on with an old friend from high school.  It is my first writing collaboration, and I am very excited about it.  In all likelihood we will self-publish it electronically, with sequels or other projects to follow.

Tell me what you think!  Do you have questions about the projects?  What kind of behind-the-scenes glimpses or other content would you like to see here on the site?  Leave your thoughts below in the comments section..