Burn the Map

...and the atlas and the guide book and the GPS and everything else that thinks it knows where you're going. 'Cause I'll tell you a secret, friend: They don't have a clue.

Welcome, traveler!  Is it a new world you're looking for, or perhaps a very old one?  Either way, your journey begins as soon as you click one of the links to the left (or up above, if you're inclined to the mobile devices).  Think of them as portals to other times and places... I mean, you could think of them as simple navigation buttons, but if you're going to do that, there are zillions of websites you could visit.  But you didn't.  You came here.  So saddle up, suit up, buckle up...  Grab your blaster, your sword, your spellbook...  Basically do whatever it takes to feel ready for adventure and dive into stories where no explorer or mapmaker has dared set foot.  Oh, and I almost forgot...  Where you're going, you might as well burn the map. 

The Experiment Enters Phase 2

It has been a long couple of weeks as folks have found their way here, but what should we expect from a place off the edge of the map?  Nonetheless, "Nobility" has edged out the competition, so get ready for the next chapter this weekend!

The other stories will stay up and may continue to accumulate votes.  When "Nobility" has gone as far as it can, perhaps I will return to one of the others if there seems to be enough interest.

Thanks for everyone's support so far.  Happy reading!